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Customized therapy services for the recovery and sobriety of those we serve

counselor advising young couple on relationship difficulties Restoration Recovery Center helps participants aged 18 to 65 years in their fight against substance abuse and alcohol dependence. We are trained and licensed to provide the following services according to the unique needs of the participants:

  • EMDR

    Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, or EMDR, is a therapy that makes use of the participant’s lateral eye movements to assist them in processing their traumatic experiences and the effects of such experiences.

  • Trauma Therapy

    Our counselors utilize trauma therapy to help participants in overcoming the psychological traumas they have experienced.

  • DBT

    Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, or DBT, aims to teach participants with various skills on how to cope with painful emotions, as well as change unhealthy behaviors. These emotions and unhealthy behaviors may have been causing their dependence on alcohol and abuse of drugs, so addressing them will be beneficial to the participants.

  • CBT

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT, focuses on the individual’s attitude, beliefs, and thoughts that are affecting their behaviors and feelings. Through CBT, participants will learn coping strategies when dealing with challenges.

  • Group Therapy

    Group therapy can be an effective technique in overcoming alcohol dependence and substance abuse. Participants get to have a sense of belonging and learn from the experiences of others who went through the same situation.

  • Christian Counseling

    This type of counseling taps on the individual’s Christian faith, using Christian values and the Bible to help the participants in turning over a new leaf. (Available only upon request).

  • Holistic Services

    Our treatment plans are designed to help participants take control of their health and protect all its areas, including the body, mind, and spirit.

  • Intensive Outpatient

    Intensive outpatient is a treatment procedure and support program for our participants that do not include and rely on the detoxification process. Participants do not need to stay in residential or inpatient rehab facilities or centers.

Our therapists, counselors, and staff will be conducting a thorough evaluation of the unique situation of every participant. Through the results of the evaluation, we can come up with a therapy plan appropriate for their needs. We make sure that each plan includes the services that can help the participants in becoming better individuals and valued citizens of the society.

Weekend Activities:

Apart from the therapy services that we are offering, we also want to make sure that our participants are living the best of their lives while recovering. This is why we are offering weekend activities that include, but are not limited to:

  • Winter sports
  • Hiking
  • Trips to the river and lake
  • Participating in events in the Sacramento area
  • Longer term sober living

It is not too late for you nor your loved one. Talk to us at 888-290-0925 or schedule an appointment, so we can discuss your situation and find the right solution for you.